Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Unique Stocking Stuffer Ideas
for the Holidays

It’s that time of year again – the lines at the airports and stores prove it! So how can we provide our friends and family with thoughtful, interesting gifts for Christmas? We’ve got some ideas here.

If you’re looking for gift ideas that are natural and handmade, look no further! We offer a variety of gifts in our Stocking Stuffer Category. These items make great presents because they can be tailored to fit your loved ones’ needs. For instance, if someone has sensitive skin or allergies, we have the perfect lotion made with all-natural ingredients. And if someone prefers scented wax melts over lotions, you guessed it – we’ve got them covered there too!

1. Give the gift of clean. Having an appreciation of natural health means that we look out for ingredients and try to avoid those seen more often in store bought personal cleansing products ie: bar soaps, lotions or shampoos. Why not give someone you care about some cleansing products (handmade soaps, deodorant, lotions) made with natural ingredients? This is an inexpensive, thoughtful gift that can be as creative as your imagination!

2. Give the gift of scent this year. Whether you’re looking for a present for your daughter, cousin, or little brother – or even looking to get ahead of the game on your own Christmas lists – give our scented wax melts a try. With scents like Spiced Cranberry, Salted Caramel, Maple Drizzle, Vanilla Cream and More, any one of them is sure to be perfect. They’ll make every room in a home smell like a wonderland this gift giving season. Plus, these little bundles of bliss can be used in any room to add instant ambiance and fill the air with fragrance that smells just gorgeous.

3. Give an uplifting experience. Surprise your friend or loved one with a gift that will have them jumping out of bed. Our Shower Scent-sations shower tabs are sure to leave any recipient feeling uplifted and refreshed after time in the shower.
These Scent-sations tabs come in five different scents: Awake (Exhilarating), Refresh (we’ve all been there), Energize (invigorating), Calming (ahhh!) and Sinus (clear your nasal passages). All the while they carry the promise of aromatherapy -bringing everyone, one step closer to Zen.

4. Give a pleasurable experience. For that special someone on your list who deserves more than just a gift card, give the gift of deeply moisturizing lotion with our handmade formula! Your loved one will be thanking you for days.

5. Handmade lip balms make a fantastic gift. These are perfect little stocking stuffers for friends and family that love lip balms. These balms come in a range of flavors from Bare Naked to Wild Cherry depending on what you’re looking for – making it easy to give everyone something special this holiday season. You will be remembered every time they use them.

As always, these products are sure to please anyone on your list this holiday season. Whether you choose one item or several from our selection of stocking stuffers, we guarantee that whoever receives these thoughtful gifts will love them!