Scented Wax Melts For Burners - Maple Drizzle


Scented Wax Melts For Burners – Maple Drizzle

These scented wax melts for burners will bring you back to the smell of your grandma’s house. Is that french vanilla and maple syrup? Trust me, these wax melts will bring you straight back to those delicious memories.

These wax melts can fill the air with sweet vanilla and rich maple, creating a sensory experience on your room. Start relaxing before you even walk into the room.

You’ll be delighted by how wonderful our scented wax melts smell. Melt these wax cubes into your warmer to release a lingering scent any room in the house.

There are 6 break apart pieces in each package.

2 ounces

Misty Mountain Soap Company always strives to provide you with the most sustainable and health-conscious handmade soaps and lotions possible.


  • Coconut Wax Blend
  • Fragrance
  • Colorant


Misty Mountain Soap Co.

scented wax melts for burners
Weight 3 oz

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