The Secret for Beautiful Skin & Hair
Monoï de Tahiti® Oil is a naturally concentrated emollient for women of all ages. It is a natural skin care product made from the “Tiare” Gardenia blossoms and coconut extract from the Cocos Nucifera palm tree. It has naturally superior hydrating qualities as well as protection for your skin against premature wrinkles, sun and wind damage. The “Tiare” scent will take your breath away! Monoï means “sweet scented oil” in the ancient traditional language of the French Polynesians. The delicate 100% natural blend of oils from the Tahitian palm tree and the “Tiare” flowers create a rich, non-greasy emollient/moisturizer that penetrates quickly into the skin. This creates a natural barrier against dehydration which is the major cause of wrinkles. A few drops will deep-moisturize and re-hydrate even the driest skin. The oil has many uses: On Your Body Monoï de Tahiti® is ideal for all skin types but is most beneficial for people who suffer from dry skin.